Wilson Blade 104


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With this update to the Blade 104, Wilson continues to offer a user-friendly extended length racquet. Although the factory targets for weight and balance remain the same, this generation comes with a higher swingweight for even more stability and pop. It's also a tad crisper and firmer which gives the stringbed a more even feel off-center. Like the previous generation, this racquet's extended length allows the player to address the ball with extra momentum, making it a great option for those who want to whip up more pace and spin. There's also plenty of precision thanks to the dense 18x19 string pattern. On the technology side, the Blade 104 comes with Power Holes and Parallel Drilling, two features that enable the strings to absorb greater vibration and transfer more power to the ball. On groundstrokes the 104 square inch head provides a forgiving hitting area, and the extended length will help you maximize stroke speed, which definitely helps when adding pace and spin to your shots. At net this stick not only feels solid against pace, but the extended length translates into blistering overheads.